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Fuel cards: where can your drivers fill up?

A fuel card gives a fleet manager control over where employees buy fuel and how much it costs, while also offering drivers a simple and convenient way to fill up.

Introducing fuel cards to your fleet can save your business time and money as well as helping combat mileage and fuel fraud.

They not only allow you to manage budgets more effectively, they also cut out a lot of the paperwork at a fleet manager’s end, eliminating receipts and paper expenses.

But the concern for many fleet managers remains the network coverage of fuel cards. Drivers need plenty of choice over their designated area to avoid wasting time and money re-tracing their steps searching for a fuel card-compatible filling station.

Shell has over 40,000 forecourt locations worldwide and a future 10,000 partner sites – so a driver will never be far from a service station. With the company’s online and mobile app locators, it is also easy for a driver to find their nearest filling site – whether they are looking to refuel their vehicle or themselves.

In the UK, there are 1,100 Shell stations covering motorways, main transit routes and towns and cities.

As fuel isn’t the only reason drivers stop at service stations, the network includes on-site restaurants, toilets, as well as Wi-Fi and seating areas. A driver can search the store locator by their needs, for example by available services or by the route planner that helps them avoid any unnecessary deviations.

The store locator makes it easier for drivers to factor in frequent rests – vital to drivers’ health and safety.

Lorry drivers can benefit from HGV-specific sites offering HGV lanes and high-speed pumps as well as dedicated truck parking and rest areas. Again, drivers can take advantage of the network coverage search tool to find their nearest filling site whether they need a rest or a refuel.

The Shell motorist app is a simple way of using the site locator on the road.

Find your network coverage here.


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