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What you can do to care for your drivers’ wellbeing

In a recent haulage drivers’ survey, carried out by Shell’s UK health manager Dr Marianne Dyer, respondents listed their top three most important wellbeing needs as: quality of sleep/rest and privacy; a safe, healthy environment; and keeping in touch with friends and family. Also ranking high in importance are: access to healthy food and convenient services on the road; and pro-active and supportive management.

This article sets out the business reasons you should be caring for your drivers’ wellbeing.

An employee who feels cared for is more engaged with their work and this in turn improves performance, as illustrated by the graph below.Shell Care for Drivers Why Care for Drivers

While the survey showed some positive results, it also highlighted that there’s clearly work to be done. So what can you do to improve your drivers’ wellbeing? Here are a couple of exercises that you can work on with your drivers to take the first step is to understand which wellbeing needs your drivers value the most.

Take a look at ‘the wheel of wellbeing’ below. This is a good visual aid to use as a starting point to encourage your employees to say how highly they rate certain factors that impact on their sense of wellness at work.


Once you’ve identified your drivers’ needs, think about what you could be doing to take better care of them. The good news is, to be effective, looking after your employees’ wellbeing doesn’t necessarily mean spending money and could be as simple as paying closer attention to work schedules and providing flexible working to ensure your drivers have a better work/life balance.

It’s best to introduce just a few objectives at a time. The exercise below, #Iwill, is a good way to get started.Shell Care for Drivers Why Care for Drivers

What are the three things that you could/will do in the next three to six months?

Some ideas:

  1. Health topic on the agenda of every meeting
  2. Fitness challenge for charity
  3. Success stories sharing


Taking time out with your employees to assess their wellbeing needs should be a top priority, not only on a human level but also for the success of your company’s bottom line. Richard Branson perhaps put it best when he said: “If you take care of your employees,” he says, “they’ll take care of your business.”

Are you doing enough to care for your fleet drivers’ health and wellbeing?


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