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Insight and inspiration to optimise your fleet in a fast moving world



The numbers behind wellbeing

Caring for your drivers’ wellbeing goes beyond your moral and legal obligations; valuing your greatest asset – your employees – is good business. Wellbeing is a key driver of engagement and is strongly linked to retaining employees. Organisations with good wellbeing policies and a positive culture enjoy better attraction and…


Help your drivers help themselves: how to correct risky and inefficient driving habits

Bad driving behaviour is one of the most challenging problems a fleet manager has to tackle. The impact is varied, ranging from health and safety issues to company reputation. Examples of poor driver behaviour include: Accidents Speeding Excessive idling Aggressive acceleration Harsh braking Sudden deceleration Fast cornering Using mobile phones…


6 top tips for winter driving

Increasingly unpredictable weather could throw anything at us over the coming months as winter arrives, which is why drivers need to be prepared for the worst. Follow our top tips to stay safe this winter. Do you really have to drive? If the weather conditions are looking risky – and…


Get your fleet winter-ready

The onset of winter gives managers even more things to consider to ensure the smooth running of their fleet over the following months. Drivers and vehicles have to be prepared for anything that the season can throw at them, with fleet managers facilitating this preparation. Drivers Fleet drivers need to…